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Sunday, January 22, 2012

CES 2012 - Day 3 in Pictures [The Connected Car Edition]

Kenwood Display Car

Audi Concept Car - Back

Audi Concept Car - Front

A decked out Porsche Cayenne from AAMP

Another view of the Porsche Cayenne

Pioneer (car audio) inside a Maserati

Is it a motorbike? An ATV? Well, its something... by Performance Teknique

Sony's souped up Prius

Never thought I'd see the day - A souped up Smart (RE Audio)

Mercedes Benz Concept - with the mbrace2 concept

iPad2 Active Mount by Next Base

OnStar's connected car - and you thought texting while driving is bad

OnStar Remote Link - A remote for your car

Kia Motors Naimo concept

2013 Ford Fusion

.....and thats it for today folks!