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Monday, March 1, 2010

ChangeWave report shows Android gaining

Mindshare Chart

Looks like the pundits may have been right on this one, as the latest smartphone survey from ChangeWave shows that Android’s mindshare has surged in the last quarter, with 21% of potential customers eyeing Android as their future platform of choice. In the past three months, new releases like the Motorola Droid have catapulted Android’s mindshare over Palm, Windows Mobile, and BlackBerry, leaving only the iPhone in its sights.

Going forward, these stats brings into play key strategic questions for Apple, RIM, Palm and Microsoft. While Microsoft has launched 'Windows Phone 7', there arent any devices expected at least till the end of 2010. RIM has been hobbled by all sorts of issues ranging from faulty trackpads to impaired SureType performance. While Palm's WebOS has been performing well so far, it just does not have the sheer size and financial/marketing prowess of its competitors. Therefore I predict that the future of the Mobile OS (at least in the US, in the short-term) will be between the iPhone OS and Android. The key question for Apple therefore is - does it continue down its historical path of keeping the iPhone closed, or will Android's open strategy ultimately win over its rivals?