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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sprint MiFi makes anyplace a hot spot

Picture this: You’re in the car with the family, heading out for the annual summer vacation. But this is not your grandmother’s road trip: Mom is online checking traffic for Dad, one of the kids is streaming music through their WiFi MP3 player, another is Facebooking, while yet another is gaming with friends over the Internet–all the while, the WiFi camera is ready in the back to take pictures and upload in an instant. All over one device and one mobile broadband connection.

Sound impossible? Not only is it possible, we can all have this technology today. The latest, most unique mobile broadband device, the Novatel MiFi, recently launched by Sprint.

Here’s the story:The MiFi, created by Novatel, is an extremely portable, easy-to-use device that’s essentially a mobile broadband-and-router product in one.

Cool things about the MiFi:
  • It’s extremely portable—roughly the size of a stack of business cards.
  • It creates a WiFi hotspot for up to five people and as long as they’re within 33 feet of your computer and on WiFi-enabled devices, they’re covered.
  • No physical connection is necessary—the MiFi just sits next to your laptop or in your bag.
  • The MiFi has a four-hour battery life and 40 hours of standby time.